Nu-def is an Indian, Complete architectural, interior design, Turnkey fit-out firm with 10 years of experience. Having a in-depth knowledge of top Italian interior furniture’s, lightnings, wallpapers, art & sculptures and upholstery brands and working with them as their partner for India is the core strength of nu-def.

Nu-def has developed several residential projects across the country. Nu-def philosphy is to curate “BRANDED RESIDENCE”

We use all top europeon brands product line along with there vast knowledge, which help us to design wonderful interiors.

 The creative process at Nu-def begins hand-in-hand with the client by conceptualizing a logical series of solutions that work together naturally. The resulting work encourages the viewer to discover a surprising series of spaces that are not only aesthetically inimitable, but also creates an emotional connection. 

Nu-def gives power and strength to dress the body that has been created with a characteristically Indian approach. The firm works with a closely-knit group of leading European & Indian craftsmen to produce original pieces that revisit centuries-old artisanal traditions and materials, pushing the boundaries of design. 

Nu-def continuously challenges itself to redefine the experience of space with a philosophical approach to design – rooted in inspiration – and honoring the context of a project’s location.

Nu-def ultimately aims to foster a dialogue that honors the past, innovates the present, and respects the future.




Kamal Rathi, founder of  Nu-def, is an Indian qualified interior designer whose wonderful works can be found around the Country.

Establishing his studio in New Delhi,India in 2006.
Over the last 10 years,Nu-def has conceptualized tailor-made residential projects for notable personalities.