We open the doors for the Indian community to access fine European craftsmanship at affordable prices while providing managerial experience to facilitate expert execution on every step of the way.


The clientele include international investors, building companies, architectural firms, project management enterprises, and anyone who is interested in adding significant value to their developments while staying within budget and on schedule.


We have been sourcing the finest European materials and artisans from the beginning of Nu-def. Being a design firm that has been routinely delivering turnkey projects, we have had the opportunity to work with some of the most fascinating and exclusive European craftsmen and artisans in the world. In fact, this kind of work has become part of our DNA.

We are accustomed to dealing with this unique production sector and have gained a intimate understanding of the advantages and challenges of efficiently procuring artisanal products for our exacting clientele.

We’ve understood that standardizing the manufacturing life cycle of an artisanal product is imperative and we have it down to an exact science.


Our core services in consultancy are the manufacturing life cycle of craft products, management, cost and quality consultancy, sourcing, negotiation, and procurement services. The scope of our services can be tailored around the client’s needs and upon request, we can adapt our approach to fit many other requirements such as becoming a contractor, a buyer, as well as an advisor.


We are proud to include artisans in our ranks who have demonstrated high standards of professionalism and excellence time and time again in their work. There are people that have truly become part of our big family. They are names that we can easily reference in parallel with their particular crafts and skills due to the extensive years that we have been working with them. We pass these invaluable partnerships and all the benefits on to our clientele.

  • Identifying needs and requirements of the client (desired product, cost, timing).
  • A briefing with the client will help us develop a crystal clear idea of the technical product specifications, the timing of when the product is needed and the budget.
  • Comparison of different artisanal worker’s pricing based off the client’s requirements and technical specifications of the desired product.
  • Contract between supplier and client.
  • Production of product, controlling that product is produced according to technical product specifications agreed upon by client.
  • Working with shipping and customs companies to assure that the product arrives at desired location safely and efficiently.